Football Manager 2006 cheat training schedule

The world cup fever just made me nostalgic about my long football manager 2006 career which lasted for more than 2 years more than a decade ago. It was the best virtual football management game I have ever played. So when my favorite country Argentina crashed out of World Cup this time courtesy some clumsy defending, I decided to make them win the cup of life in FM2006 as it is by far the easiest possible way to do so ;)

Well yes to make things more easier and off course to save time (something which is very precious now), I decided to hack the training schedule which will help me to get the best out of players who will then do the job for Argentina. And to my surprise when I googled a bit I could find people are still looking for cheat training schedule for Football Manager 2006. So for all those who want to taste instant success in your FM06 career, here is the cheat training schedule.

Just enjoy and don’t forget to leave your feedback in comments section.

Author: Anikendra


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