How to unfollow those who don’t follow you back on Pinterest

If you are serious about social media marketing then Pinterest must be in your arsenal. Gone are the days when Pinterest used to be a destination only for women. Pinterest has evolved over the years and now it has become an important channel of social media traffic. Brands and marketing agencies have embraced Pinterest and started leveraging the power of visual marketing. Ecommerece portals like Etsy have witnessed a huge jump in conversion rate from Pinterest traffic. So in case you are still not active on Pinterest then it’s high time you did so.

Assuming you already are an active Pinterest user, I am pretty sure you have built a strong network. You must have followed many users and got a lot of followers too. If not go ahead and start building your network now. As with any other social network, a major problem that any user faces on Pinterest is managing their followers.

  • How do you get to know who unfollowed you?
  • How do you know don’t follow you back?
  • How do you know who are your fans?

It can be a daunting task to browse through your follower list and find out who are not following you back. I know as I have done it myself.

Pinterest unfollowersIt’s here when SnapChum comes to your rescue. This app finds all your Pinterest unfollowers and gives you option to unfollow them. The dashboard also lists all your fans and mutual friends. So you can follow them back and return the favor.

SnapChum also starts recording who followed and unfollowed you daily as soon you join. It can be useful if you are running a Pinterest marketing campaign and want to measure the ROI.

Find Pinterest unfollowers

Finally and most importantly you can get a lot of Pinterest followers by getting yourself listed as a featured user.

We also have SnapChum Android app so you can manage your Pinterest followers and unfollowers on the go.

Hope you like the app. Join now and start managing your Pinterest followers effectively. Any feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Author: Anikendra


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