Shocking revelation – how Facebook is cheating brands and advertisers

Do you use Facebook for your online marketing efforts. If yes, then it’s highly likely that you boost your posts to get more reach and likes. So do I and just out of curiosity today I decided to do a simple test. I posted a blank white image on one of my managed pages and boosted the post after adding some targeting rules.

Facebook cheating advertisers

I assume that a blank white image would not be appealing to anybody so I didn’t expect much likes if any.  However to my surprise the post got over 100 Likes already. Attached is a screenshot that I took yesterday and you can see that the image has over 50 Likes.

So the big doubt arises in my mind whether Facebook actually shows the posts to real users or it simply created fake Likes so that it can charge advertisers, brands and common users like us heftily. I would leave it as an open question for you to explore.

Author: Anikendra


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