Anikendra at Surajkund lake

Surajkund, a hidden gem amidst industrial forest

Boy it’s been quite sometime since I last wrote my last blog. What good occasion can it be but for Republic day. A cold January day that began with lots of WhatsApp forwarded messages. Patriotism certainly goes high voltage on social media and instant messangers. How I wish Indian voted on facebook or whatsapp or had a whatsapp war with our crazy neighbour. Who know it could be a reality in near future. None the less, I too indulged in contributing to the IP of these social media giants, even though my posts were for keeping my audience engaged aka social media management, I love using hefty jargons you know 🙂 More on this in my coming posts. Well I will actually share a tool developed by me with you soon.

Republic Day celebration
Republic Day celebration

Republic day was well celebrated in my society os much so that it reminded me of my childhood days. Yes I sang our national anthem after ages. It always gives me a high spirit whenever I sing it. Pity that not many guys around me sang it. Even the kids out here were stamerring while singing our anthem. I wonder if we are education system is to be blamed. Anyway I won’t crib anymore. It’s time to celebrate the day on my blog. You can see a pic form the flag hoisting ceremony at my society.

We also had cultural programs for children and sports activities. There was republic day special lunch for us too. I always tend to have a low opinion for free lunch but contrary to my notion, it turned out to be a good one. There was Chole Bature and Gulab Jamun.

By now you must be wondering why the hell did I keep the title of my blog post related to Surajkund. My sincere apologies I jus wanted to build up for the same. Actually after having free lunch, I decided to go somewhere to end the day on a high note. I searched on trip advisor for places to visit in Delhi NCR and viable two options came to the fore including Surajkund.

Surajkund if you are not aware is an ancient reservoir of the 10th century, 2 kilometres away to the south west from a more ancient dam of the 8th century called the Anagpur Dam; both are located 8 km from South Delhi in Faridabad, Haryana, India. A blatant copy paste description from wikipedia.

Anikendra At Surajkund
Sitting on the stairs of Surajkund lake, admiring it’s beauty


I had heard of Badkhal Lake in Faridabad but it seems to have lost it’s glory of the years. So I decided to rather visit Surajkund which by the way has also dried up and has now become a play ground for local boys. But it still remains to be a popular picnic destination for Delhites. Reaching Surajkund is not so difficult. It’s just about 50 minutes from Noida. Once you reach the vicinity of Surajkund lake, you can feel the change in atmosphere, lesser pollution and greener hillocks. It’s really a nice weekend escape. You can park your car at ease unlike any other tourist attraction in New Delhi. It’s better if you roam around the place on foot as a little exercise of climbing up the hillocks can do wonders to your health.

There is ample space for a family to have a small picnic out there. You can see a lot of couples enjoying the solitude and spending some quality

Anikendra at Surajkund lake
Pondering over the serenity of Surajkund lake

time together too. The tranquility of the place is bound to mesmerise you. Far away from the hustle and bustle of metro life, you would certainly enjoy the serenity. Once you buy yourself a ticket and enter the lake, you will surely be spellbound by the beauty of the place and wonder how can the government not maintain it properly and let it dry. I could very well imagine how beautiful it would have been during it’s prime days centuries back. You can easily imagine royal family spending quality time on the banks of the lake or maybe boating. How I wish there was water in the lake.

Anyway the place still has lot to offer to it’s visitors and is certainly worth paying a visit. By the way there’s going to be a handicrafts exhibition (mela) starting on the 1st of Feb. So in case you want to visit the place, it would be good idea to do so after 31st Jan. I am surely going to go there once again.

Surajkund lake
Posing for a pic at Surajkund lake


And finally there are a few resorts and cottages out there too for the more romantic kinda out there 😉

There’s a couple of restaurants where you can have snacks as well. Over all it’s a place where you can go with your family or friends or your special one and spend some quality time and escape from the stress of city life.

I believe the ideal time to visit is now when the winter is mild and you can go there in in the afternoon and spend the entire evening there. And yes, if you happen to leave early then you can also visit Badkhal  lake too which is just a few kilometres away as I did. You would love driving en route to the other lake. Badkhal lake has again completely dried up and apart from the resort nearby, there is nothing much to do out there. You can off course sit and hang out with friends or family.

Be aware of wild monkeys in both the places as at times they become violent and throw a tantrum. A note for the people visiting with girls along with them – try to leave the place before dark as Haryana is not known for safety of girls.


Huh I just realised that I have a written a lot today. Good bye folks. Stay tuned as I am soon going to write more about my weekend gateways and other travel experiences.





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