Hack WhatsApp

How to hack WhatsApp

Did the title entice you? I bet it did. Yes I know you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp account be it your spouse, girl friend/boy friend, colleague

Hack WhatsApp

 or roommate. Well today I am gonna share a secret trick with which you can actually hack someone’s WhatsApp account and spy on their messages.

This trick however works provided you have access to their mobile phone. Come on I know you can lure them somehow to get access to their phone. It hardly takes a few minutes once you have their phone.

Without further delay lets get to the act 😛

Step 1) Get hold of their phone.

Step 2) Open a web browser and type the url https://web.whatsapp.com. You’ll see a similar screen  as below :-

WhatsApp web

Step 3) Open WhatsApp on your victim’s phone and click WhatsApp Web from the menu as displayed below :-

Hack WhatsApp Account



Step 4) Scan the barcode on the browser (as shown in top screen shot) with phone camera.

Believe me guys that’s all. You now have access to all of their chats and contacts. Go ahead try it right away and don’t forget to thank me by sharing the post 🙂





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    Dada you are a genius

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